My wish for Egypt

As Egypt enters a new era, let’s hope peace between Muslims, Christians and secularists will prevail. They stood united against dictatorship, they should remain united against fundamentalism.

Madad from the Egyptian singer Muhamad Munir See the Christian and Jewish symbols from 3:17

Sunday, 13 february

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  1. Cu asta incep „miniblogul” de sub pagina mea. In care voi scrie mai putin chestii minoritare si mai mult altele, personale sau nu. Prima postare e practic un copy-paste de pe Facebook (lene mare, dar voiam sa va arat si voua clipul)

  2. CAIRO, March 9 (UPI) – Overnight clashes between Christians and Muslims killed 11 people near Cairo, the Egyptian Health Ministry said Wednesday.It was the worst violence since the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak last month.
    Six Christians and five Muslims were shot dead, security sources told The New York Times, and about 100 people were wounded.

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